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21 stunning cars that are worth splurging on

Lamborghini Huracan Performante 46Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Even if you missed the chance to buy a dream car at the end of 2018, there's never really a bad time to purchase a vehicle you've long coveted.

So why not think about splurging on something special? Sure, you can do the responsible thing and live within your means, or opt for versatile basic transportation. But that's, well, kind of boring.

It's a big, bright world of cars out there, and every once in a while, spending the college fund might be justified. Kidding! Not justified!

But if you have the dough, or the stupendous credit score, and just want to fulfill a childhood fantasy, why not? You only live once, and you owe it to yourself to experience an exciting set of wheels.

Here are 21 of our favorite cars to splurge on — and not every one costs an arm and leg:

Photos by Hollis Johnson, unless otherwise indicated.

Ferrari 488 Spyder

Matthew DeBord/BI

Not the 488 GTB, the latest of Ferrari's mid-engine sports cars and a brilliant machine. Rather, the drop-top version, the 488 Spyder, for a cool $393,000.

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Hollis Johnson

At $120,000, it's far from a bargain. But the level of performance on offer for the top trim level at this stratum of 911-ness is stunning. To do better you have to jump up to the Turbo or GT3.

Aston Martin DB11 Volante

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

For $273,244, you can pretend you're James Bond, or at least an madly suave human enjoying top-down motoring is epic British style.

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