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An 'open letter' possibly connected to the California synagogue shooting suspect was an anti-Semitic screed

california synagogue shootingAssociated Press/Denis Poroy

  • Authorities have reportedly identified the California synagogue shooting suspect as 19-year-old John Earnest, NBC News reported Saturday, citing law-enforcement officials.
  • The shooting left one woman dead, and three others injured, authorities said.
  • An "open letter" detailing the author's hatred for Jews circulated online, attributed to "John T. Earnest," though authorities have not explicitly stated the manifesto was written by a suspect of that name.
  • The San Diego County Sheriff told reporters at a press conference they are investigating social-media posts and an open letter believed to be written by the suspect.

A hateful manifesto circulated online Saturday afternoon, following a shooting at a California synagogue that left one woman dead and three others injured. 

The "open letter" was attributed to a user named "John T. Earnest," the same name as the 19-year-old shooting suspect currently in police custody, San Diego County Sheriff William Gore confirmed Saturday.

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