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Blackwater founder Erik Prince's new company has reportedly set up shop in Iraq. His old company was kicked out for murdering civilians.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince arrives for a closed meeting with members of the House Intelligence Committee, Thursday, Nov. 30, 2017, on Capitol Hill in Washington.AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

  • A subsidiary of a company founded by Erik Prince, who also founded Blackwater, is operating in Iraq, BuzzFeed News reported, citing official documents.
  • Blackwater was expelled from the country in 2007 after its private contractors opened fire on a crowd of unarmed civilians, killing 14.
  • After leaving Blackwater, Prince established the controversial Frontier Services Group with Chinese financial support. Now, an FSG subsidiary has reportedly found its way into Iraq.

Blackwater founder Erik Prince's new company is reportedly operating in Iraq, a country from which his former company was banned for killing civilians.

A subsidiary of Frontier Services Group (FSG), a security and logistics company Prince founded in Hong Kong, has set up shop in Basra, Iraq, BuzzFeed News reported Saturday, citing official documents. The subsidiary, the Dubai-based Frontier Logistics Consultancy DMCC, has officially registered as a foreign company with Iraq's Ministry of Trade, an official document from last year shows.

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