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Marvel's post-'Endgame' plans are all about the Eternals. Here's who they are.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has delivered three distinct storytelling phases. Phase 1 was an introduction to Earth's mightiest heroes up until their team-up in The Avengers. Phase 2 showed the aftermath of The Avengers through Age of Ultron and ending with the small-scale debut of Ant-Man. Phase 3 is the current phase, which chronicled the dissolution of the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War and will end with after Spider-Man: Far From Home takes place post-Endgame

As for what Phase 4 will be about? There are only a few hints. A Black Widow film is certainly in the lineup, but that will likely be a prequel to the events of the current MCU timeline. Casting announcements also revealed plans for a Shang-Chi movie.  Read more...

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