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I spent an hour playing the crazy upcoming 'Super Mario' game where you can play unlimited levels and create your own — here's what it's like

Super Mario Maker 2Nintendo

What's better than a new "Super Mario" game from Nintendo? An infinite "Super Mario" game that allows you to outright build your own levels!

That's the promise of "Super Mario Maker 2," the more fully-featured sequel to cult classic Wii U game "Super Mario Maker." 

The new "Super Mario" game is scheduled to arrive in late June, but Nintendo offered press an early hands-on of the game at a New York City media event last week attended by Business Insider.

Here's what it's like:

In "Super Mario Maker 2," you can play through levels that look and feel like levels from the original "Super Mario Bros."


And levels that look and feel like "Super Mario Bros. 3."....


And ones that look and feel like "Super Mario World"...


See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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