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Don't worry, that 360-degree infinity pool on top of a skyscraper will have an exit


Well, this is going to be one frightening view.

A 360-degree infinity pool has been planned for a skyscraper called Infinity London in well, London, and designers say it's the only building in the world to have one.

The ambitious concept comes from Compass Pools, who are looking to build the 600,000-litre pool out of cast acrylic, rather than glass, on top of the 55-storey building.

OK, looking at the pictures, you're probably wondering how you'd get in (or out). According to the design team, a rotating spiral staircase, much like a submarine's door, will arise from the floor of the pool. That's all the detail we get for now, so the actual practicalities of this remain to be seen. Read more...

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